Making it easier for debtors to pay:
  • Toll free (800) numbers
  • Convenient drive-thru payment window
  • Western Union Quick Collect
  • Credit Card
  • Business reply envelopes
  • Pay Anytime line
  • Internet payment

That's the Franklin Commitment!

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The Franklin Story

Since 1980, Franklin Collection Service, Inc. Our corporate office is located in Tupelo, Mississippi in a 22,000 square foot building designed for future expansion.

What makes FCS unique and insures our success? Our unyielding commitment to service. Our philosophy is "there are three words in Franklin Collection Service and the most important is SERVICE." The management at FCS is dedicated to implementing programs and policies on a daily basis strictly because doing so will better serve YOU, OUR CLIENT. FCS is staffed with the best leaders in the industry who are not just employees, but part of the Franklin family.

FCS is a company with a new concept. The employment of professionals to handle your accounts with the knowledge and expertise needed in today's changing world. Professionals that will assist you in the management of your receivables.

The Franklin Commitment

High tech ideas are just the beginning of any successful business. The commitment to these ideas determines the rest. That's why FCS' results are consistently superior to those of other collection agencies.

Since beginning in 1980, FCS has obtained results far above the national average. Those results have given us an excellent reputation for dependable service and proven that our self-developed system works best.

Our system of handling accounts combines the most advanced technology and efficient techniques with courteous, personal attention, for the perfect balance of client/debtor relations.

The Franklin Difference

  • Recovery tailored to your needs
  • Collection hours reflect optimum debtor contact times nationwide
  • Predictive Dialing for increased contact
  • Credit reporting with major bureaus 
  • Accounts receivable management service
  • Billing service
  • Third party dunning letters
  • Bad debt recovery
  • Extended office service
  • Full collection service
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